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weird and wonderful
Everyone knows someone like me. I'm the giggly yet soul-searching fairy tale freak, goth girl, guitar-playing hippie, renegade who's broken into King Arthur's gravesite, self-help junkie, rock singer, literature geek, and transvestite lover in all of us.

I'm just a girl with my head screwed on,
I'm just a girl with a smoking gun,
I got my fingers stung, my fingers stung, yeah
I'm just a girl with my fingers stung

Bless these bones, bless this skin,
All of me and the mess I'm in
The mess I'm in, but I don't care
Don't know where I've been, but I'll get me there

I'm alive, yeah, and it's all right
I'm alive, yeah, and it's all right

Power to the meek, the power to speak
I got the power within me
Power to the shine in my worn-out shoes
Power to me, power to you

Bless this head, bless this hair,
Bless me to the dirt in my fingernails
Bless this day, bless this night,
Give me something good, make me feel all right

-Eurythmics, "Power to the Meek"

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